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You can expect warm, clean, and rich audio, with sound systems

 comprised of the finest in name brand components.

Full Moon DJ sound systems look as clean as they sound.

See photos below for a quick visual of our standard set-up.

Wireless Microphone

Affords easy mobility in the hall during speeches, avoiding the awkwardness of mic cables. Sennheiser is the premier wireless  brand in the industry, with top of the line products that eliminate the worry of noise and interference. 

Standard DJ Console

Wires,cables, and amplifiers are hidden behind a black pleated velvet console skirt for clean presentation.  Multiple speakers blanket room evenly with audio that feels comfortable, not loud. 

An entire back up system is always on site, because the show must go on.

Latest Digital Platform

By way of Pioneer controller, DJ Ernesto accesses his music collection off a Mac Book pro, with Virtual DJ his app of choice.  Such  digital platforms have improved; the organization of a DJ's music library, speed of track selection access, playback reliability, and execution of mix.

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